Disco Lights with IC555

Disco lights are mostly used in decoration made with colourful LEDs. For begginners, this is a compact circuit using a single chip IC. IC555  is connected here to form a multivibrator. The blinking speed can be easily adjusted by varying the preset 500kΩ. You can use any colour of LED.


Multipattern Disco Lights

There are many circuits on Disco lights but most of them have a limitation about its blinking pattern. Here we introduce an LED circuit by which we can set a large number of LED running pattern. All the 100 LEDs are connected in matrix form.You can choose any colour of LED. The matrix LEDs are connected to a control circuit where two duplex circuit are used made with IC555 & IC4017. IC4017 is Johnson counter counts the pulses at pin no. 14 from pin no.3 of IC555. A potentiometer of 500kΩ is used on both the circuits. By adjusting these potentiometers we can select a dancing pattern.


The circuit diagram of the above disco light is shown below.

Dancing LED circuit

Disco Lights in Circle

IC 555 is connected similarly in the above circuit to form an astable multivibrator. The output of IC555 at pin no. 3 is connected to pin no. 10 of IC 4020 to provide clock pulses. The counter IC4020 counts the pulses and the output is obtained through the LEDs in ring shape. All the LEDs are connected at a center point which is grounded. Here also the speed is adjustable using preset 500kΩ.