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                                                                       SD Card Data Recorder

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Remote Control Mobile Starter (रिमोट कंट्रोल मोबाइल स्टार्टर)

अत्याधुनिक तकनीक से बना "रिमोट कंट्रोल मोबाइल स्टार्टर" एक ऐसा इलेक्ट्रॉनिक उपकरण है जिसे किसानों की छोटी से लेकर बड़ी समस्याओं के निवारण के लिए बनाया गया है जो केवल समय और पानी की बचत करता है बल्कि महंगे उपकरणों को चोरी होने से भी बचाता है I इसे किसी भी 3 - फेज़ मोटर के साथ आसानी से फिट एवं प्रयोग किया जा सकता है I

StarterMobile starter ad

 सिम कार्ड तैयार करें :

1 . सबसे पहले प्रयोग किये जाने वाले सिम कार्ड को अपने मोबाइल  फ़ोन में लगा लें और मोबाइल फ़ोन चालू करें I

2 . अब इस सिम कार्ड पर SGPROJECTS के नाम से ओनर(मोटर का मालिक) का मोबाइल नंबर सेव कर लें I ध्यान रहे कि ओनर का नंबर सिम कार्ड के मेमोरी में सेव करें न कि फ़ोन मेमोरी में I

3 . अब इस सिम कार्ड को मोबाइल फ़ोन से निकालकर मोबाइल स्टार्टर में लगायें I

CLICK HERE to download the project list in pdf format.


List of ProjectS




Room  temperature controller You can set a suitable temperature. When temp. rises above this preset value, a cooler fan socket will be ON. If  temp. falls below the preset value, a room heater socket will be ON. Hence, it can be used in any season. Also it indicates very accurate temperature(-55 to +125 degree celcious) on an LCD display. (Free bulbs for output checking) 5700
Clap switch This is also a microcontroller based project. Whenever you clap your hands, the connected device(TV, Bulb, Fan etc.) will be ON and OFF. It has good range to operate in anywhere in the room. 2800
GPS receiver It can locate the position on earth of GPS handler. The location can be seen on an LCD display. 5800
Blind man eye A blind & deaf person is unable to see the world and unable to hear the sound. This is a smart gadget in which the disable person will be able to remove these disability upto a limit. He can feel three things; the intensity of light, direction and most important any object near to him. 6500
Voice controlled switchboard Switch your lights, tv, fan etc. through voice command. For example; if you say “light 1 on” the respected light will be switched on. You just need an smartphone to send the voice command through Bluetooth. The smartphone application is provided with this project. 6500
GSM based data logger When any person gives a miss call to the number of this project then a text message of data(temperature and humidity) are sent back to the person’s mobile. By this project, you’ill be able to know your office /house temperature & humidity. 6500
Over-Under voltage protector This is an programmable LCD based voltage control system which disconnects the power supply if the voltage is higher or lower than the required voltage. The amount of voltage can be set at any time. Also the real time voltage can be seen on an LCD screen. 5000


Wireless Communication & Remote Control

1-Channel Mini IR Remote control Switch a device like TV, Bulb, Fan etc. using any remote controller. This SMPS supply based project is also called as “Remote control tester”. Whenever you switch any remote button, device connected with this project will be ON and OFF. This project has inbuit EEPROM memory retention capability. (Free bulbs for output checking) 2800
4-Channel RF remote control

Switch your home appliances like bulb,fan,motor etc. with a hand remote unit from a long distance (Range 100 meter).You can control it from outside of the house with a larger distance. (Free bulbs for output checking)

4-Channel IR remote control

Switch your home appliances like bulb,fan,motor etc. with an infrared hand remote unit. (Free bulbs for output checking)

Wireless status indicator Indicates wirelessly which devices are in on/off condition through LEDs.


Remote control fan regulator Convert a common fan or cooler into a remote control system using this project. It can switch and regulate the fan speed with an infrared remote control unit. (Free bulbs for output checking) 4700
GSM based switchboard Switch your lights, tv, fan etc. through sms or by miss calls . For example; if you send an sms “light on” the respected light will be switched-on or if you send an sms “fan off” the respected fan will be switched-off. 6500


Mechatronics Robot

Pick & Place Robot

It is made by cutting edge technology with higher in degree of freedom. It can lift up any small weight and then place it to another place by simply pick and place action. It contains a wired remote control joystick to control the robot body. 7000
Pick & Place Vehicle Robot It is an Android operated solid metal based army designed tank robot with tracking wheels. It can lift anything and transport it to a long distance. It have a good lifting capacity than any other robot comes with long lasting rechargeable battery. It is controlled by an Android phone with “SGPROJECTS” official application. (Free charger) 9500
Fire Fighting Robot

Designed to control against fire by water-jet spray system. It is a four wheel drive system controlled by an Android phone with “SGPROJECTS” official application. It comes with long lasting rechargeable battery. (Free charger)

Line Following  Robot It is an smart robotic drive. It follows a continuous black line on a white platform. 5500


Timers & Counters

Bidirectional Visitor Counter

When somebody enters into the Room then the Counter is Incremented by one and when any one leaves the room then the Counter is Decremented by One. The total number of Persons inside the Room is displayed on the seven segment displays.Working principle is based on interruption between LED & LDR sensor. An buzzor also indicates the operation. 5000
Automatic college bell Also called ‘school bell’. It can save upto 25 alarms per period to ring a buzzor at loud sound for an specific time interval.An LCD shows the real time & date also.The user can change all data with a matrix keypad. 5000
Digital Time keeper If you want to know that a machine remains ON for how long time instead of power failure then this project is the solution. It regularly monitors the machines runtime in minutes and shows on a 7-segment display. It does not resets the count even on power failure. 3000


Water Related Projects

Tank motor controller

Tank motor controller with LED & alarm features. When tank is full of water,an alarm arises with blinking LED and motor will automatically switched-off. (cooler pump free)

LCD based water level indicator with alarm

Indicates different level of water in the tank through an LCD.When tank is full of water an

alarm produces. (cooler pump free)



Security Systems

Digital code lock Power supply can be interrupted using button lock code. Any device like bulb/fan connected to the output socket can be switch-on by entering the correct password. Possword is rechangable & an LCD is provided to see the operation. 4200
Motion sensor alarm Nobody can enter your home without your permission. It’s an antitheft project. Whenever a person comes in the area of motion sensor camera, it rings with a loud sound. 4200
Laser cut alarm In this project, a laser beam is transmitted by the project and reflected back through mirrors continuously. Whenever any object cuts the laser beam, an alarm will produce. You can use a number of mirrors to transmit this laser beam. (mirror free) 4200
LPG gas sensor alarm This is a simple to use LPG Gas Sensor Module which can sense the presence of combustible gases mainly LPG, Isobutene, and propane in the air. Hence a buzzor sounds. (free lighter for testing) 4000
Motion activated GSM security system You can protect your house from unauthenticated accidents. It is an advanced antitheft system Whenever a person comes in the area of motion sensor camera, it will detect your motion and sends an SMS or dial a call  to your mobile phone to alert that the motion is detected. The sender number  and call/sms function can be set at any time. (GSM antenna free) 6500
GSM based door locking system You can protect your house/office/bank from unauthenticated opening of safe doors. It is an advanced antitheft system Whenever a person try to open the door, it will detect this and sends an SMS or dial a call  to your mobile phone to alert that the motion is detected. The sender number  and call/sms function can be set at any time. (GSM antenna free) 6500
LPG gas activated GSM security system

You can protect your house from unauthenticated accidents. It is an advanced antitheft system Whenever LPG gas is leak to the environment , it will detect and sends an SMS or dial a call  to your mobile phone to alert that the motion is detected. The sender number  and call/sms function can be set at any time. (GSM antenna & testing lighter free)

GSM based notice board

Whenever you send any message to this project, this will show this message in an LCD display. Hence you can inform your students or relatives about any important matter even you are in any place in the world. (GSM antenna free)



Smart Measurements & Recordings

Liquid supply system Also called “fuel supply system”. You can supply an exact amount of liquids like milk, water, petrol, carosene etc. This project has buttons to set the amount of supply and an LCD to see the setting. A motor is used for liquid pumping. (cooler pump free) 5000
Electronic measurement tape (Ultrasonic Distance sensor) It is a modern portable contactless length measurement machine suitable for civil designers. It measures accurate distance where normal tapes are unable to reach. An LCD shows the measured data with a range about 5m. 4000
Digital compass You can detect the direction(N,S,E,W) by this device. A buzzer indicates the direction. This compass technique is also used in smartphones. 4000
Digital data recorder In this project environment temperature, humidity and the AC supply voltage is displayed on an LCD and also it can be recorded to a memory card in real time. Then plug this memory card to a laptop, PC, mobile and you can see the recorded data with time for future inspection. On a 2GB card, more than 10 months data can be recorded. The project also featured with clock display. The time is displayed on the LCD and can be set at any time with buttons provide on it. (Free 4GB microSD card + SDcard adapter + SD card holder) 5800


Measurements of Environmental Data

Digital barometer cum thermometer Barometer is generally used to measure atmospheric pressure. This device also have the temperature indicator. An LCD shows the temperature and barometric pressure. 4000
Analog thermometer This is a large size meter to indicate the temperature. It has celcious scale printed on it. A long needle and spindle are used by analog technique. 4000
Temperature humidity indicator  (using LCD) Indicates environment temperature and room humidity on an LCD display in degree celcious and percentage respectively. 4000

Digital temperature indicator

(using LCD)

Indicates very accurate temperature on an LCD display ,Range:-55 to +125 degree celcious. You can measure environment temperature as well as the human body temperature and water temperature. 4000

Digital temperature indicator

( using 7-segments display)

Indicates very accurate temperature on the

7-segment display, Range: -55 to +125 degree celcious.



Door Opening System

RFID based door opening system The door is opened and closed automatically when a valid RFID-card is swiped near to it like in an ATM machine. First the RFID card is need to register on the project by using buttons provided on it. Then swipe this card near the  project. If the card is registered,the door will open and close itself automatically. If the card is not registered then it shows ‘invalid’ on an LCD. Upto 10 numbers of RFID cards can be added. (Free 3 RFID cards) 6000
Password operated door opening system A predefined password is used to open the door. If password is wrong then an LCD shows it is invalid and the door does not open.If the password is correct, the door will open and after sometime closes itself automatically. 5500
Laser cut door opening system When a person cuts the laser beam, the door will open and close itself automatically.



Available at all major cities of Chhattisgarh. All project comes with complete project file.

Select the project from the above list then pay 1000/- per project in advance.

If any daubt, please contact us by the following method :

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Wireless Remote Control Device (4 Lights + 1 Fan speed control)

5 CH Remote

Click here to download the brochure

Make your life easier with this highly efficient, full featured advanced remote controlling device for controlling lights, fan and other home appliances. It can be used anywhere in hall, bedroom, kitchen, auditorium, hospital, shop, restaurant etc. It saves unnecessary wiring, switches cost and prevents the risk of electric shock. Best for children, handicapped and old age person.

Salient features:

  • Long distance control (40 feet)
  • Five channel operation (4 Lights + 1 Fan)
  • 10 Steps of fan speed regulation and can be used as light dimmer also
  • Inbuilt memory remembers the last switching state
  • Spark-less fast switching and protection
  • 150 Watt per channel loading capacity
  • Inbuilt SMPS based power supply
  • Quick fitting with existing switchboard
  • 6 Months of product warranty

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