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Now, all the power plant related articles are available at http://powerplantanalysis.blogspot.com

In this page you'ill learn about the course on "thermal power plant" for beginning engineer's level to professional level. All contents in this page are for learning purpose only.


Thermal Power Plant


Thermal Power Plant Performance

This article is now available at http://powerplantanalysis.blogspot.in/2017/07/thermal-power-plant-performance.html

Er. Sameer Gupta


I'm Sameer Gupta and I am a working engineer. I am from Midmida(Raigarh) at Chhattisgarh, India. I graduated(2008-2011) in Electrical Engineering from college SSCET-I Bhilai and have post graduation in thermal power plant engineering. Playing with electrical,electronics & embedded system design is my hobby and passion. I have always loved playing with all these things since my childhood. I don't believe in marks and degree without knowledge.


                                      I started this site to share my ideas & projects with all viewers over this site. Electronics is one most important thing in the modern age of science and everyone should have the knowledge about this. This site provides practicles, project designing & knowledge on embedded world for all beginners & leaders. If you want to share your knowledge with me or you just want to say me hello please contact me without hesitation.

Various units and their relationship used in power plant

This article is now available at http://powerplantanalysis.blogspot.in/2017/07/various-units-and-their-relationship.html

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