Pick & Place Robot

Pick N Place robot is a basic level robot for beginners and leaders to learn all about the laws & concepts of Physics, Electronics & Mechanics hence it helps one to inherit this knowledge as one is implementing it. It helps you to get a feel of what robotics is all about.


  • Arduino programming
  • Bluetooth Application based Android smartphone control
  • Wheel with track belt drive
  • Pick and place operation by gripper
  • Easy circuit implementation

Components Required:

  • Robotic arm kit(which includes 4 geared motors, 4 wheels with track belts and arm gripper)
  • Arduino Uno R3 board (or any other arduino board)
  • HC05 or HC06 Bluetooth module
  • 2 X L293D motor driver IC
  • 12V Battery


Structure and Working:

About Robot body: The Robotic arm kit is made of two section. The bottom driving unit takes the robot to left, right, forward and backward motion. The top gripper unit is to pick and place any object. The driving unit has two motors and also the gripper unit has two motors. The Robot is strong enough to handle a task like bomb diffusing, transporting, rescue operation etc.

How It Works: The robot is connected to the smartphone via bluetooth and takes command from that. Each time when we touch the button on the screen of the phone, robot activates in action.

Circuit Schematic: The circuit is very simple to design. Don’t be confused !

The actual circuit looks like;

The arduino board receives the command from the bluetooth module and provides the digital signal to the motor driver IC L293D. Motor driver IC takes signal from the arduino pins and drive the motors by using 12V battery power. Two motors are for grippers and the other two motors are for tracking wheel drivers.

Video 1 : Robot in action

Video 2 : Operation and working

Video 3 : How to make

Video 4 : Robot parts unboxing

How to operate the Robot: For the first time user, you have to install the android app on your smartphone or tablet. Now turn on the Robot by connecting the battery and then turn on the Bluetooth of your phone and search for the available devices and pair it. Finally open the application and connect it with the Robot. Hence the Robot is ready to receive your command.

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