Bluetooth Boombox

If you need a full featured music system with best audio quality then this project is the solution. I made it at low cost and this take a few minutes to design the system. You can enjoy music on it by easily connecting your phone with this via bluetooth.


  • Infrared remote control
  • Bluetooth connectivity with any smartphone
  • USB/TF Card player
  • FM Radio
  • Aux input

Required Parts:

  • Bluetooth audio player module
  • Speakers (2X10W)
  • Amplifier board (IC6283 based)
  • IC7805
  • Jack pin connector
  • 12V/1A Power supply
  • Cardboard box, connecting wires etc.

Connection Diagram:

The above connection diagram shows the connection among the bluetooth module, speakers, regulator IC and power supply. Image showing below is the bottom-side of amplifier board.

Fit the whole arrangements inside the box in order to maintain the sound quality and to beautify the project. Take a look on this full assembly video.

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